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Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular contact ball bearings can be used to bear combined load, that is, to bear radial load and axial load at the same time, its bearing capacity increases proportionately with the increase of the contact angle.

Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Including inner ring, outer ring, steel ball and cage components, the cage is generally made of nylon, stamped steel plate or brass. Generally, AC series 25° contact angle design and B series 40° contact angle design are available.

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Double row angular contact ball bearing is a unit composed of inner ring, outer ring, ball and solid cage assembly. The material of the cage includes nylon, stamped steel plate or brass.

Four-point Contact Ball Bearing

The bearing contains a solid outer ring, a separable inner ring, a steel ball and a cage assembly. The cage is made of brass or polyamide.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Arrangement

Angular contact ball bearings have the following three installation methods: back-to-back (O-shaped configuration), face-to-face (X-shaped configuration) and tandem arrangement (T-shaped configuration).

Application Of Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Machine tools, drilling platforms, food machinery, indexing heads, coating equipment, pumps, various transmissions, printing machinery, planetary reducers, inspection and analysis equipment, fine chemical machinery.

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Advantages

Angular contact ball bearings provided by THB, as an excellent angular contact ball bearing manufacturer, have the following advantages:

① With higher load-bearing performance

② It can bear combined radial and axial loads, and can bear bidirectional axial loads through multiple sets of single-row or double-row bearings.

③ The single-row and double-row bearings with multiple sets of configurations have high rigidity.

④ The high-precision products ensure the high speed and good running performance of the bearing.

Application of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

PumpsTurbineswind power
Compressorsmachine tool spindles

Industries Utilizing Angular Contact Ball Bearings

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