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Cross Tapered Roller Bearing


Mounting of THB Crossed Roller Bearings

When assembling the cross-roller bearing, follow the steps below.

1. Inspecting the parts before assembling them, Thoroughly clean the housing and other parts to be assembled, and check if there is no burr or knots.

2.Installing the cross-roller bearing into the housing onto the shaft.

Since the cross-roller bearing is a thin bearing, it tends to tilt as it is installed. To prevent it, gradually drive the cross-roller bearing into the housing or onto the shaft by gently hitting it with a plastic hammer while keeping it horizontal. Be sure to keep hammering it with much care until you hear it fully contact the reference surface.

3.Attaching the presser flange

1) Placing the presser flange onto the cross-roller bearing. Rock the flange several times to match the bolt holes.

2)Insert the presser bolts into the holes. Manually turn the bolts and make sure they do not show skewing caused by misalignment of the bolts.

3) Fasten the presser bolts in three to four steps from temporary to full fastening by repeatedly securing the bolts in the diagonal order, as shown in Fig9. When tightening the separable inner or outer ring, slightly turning the integral outer or inner ring will correct the dislocation between the ring and the body.

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