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Support Roller


Support roller, also called yoke type track roller, is a single-row or double-row bearing unit mounted on a shaft or bolt. Yoke type track rollers consist of a thicker outer ring with a specific outer surface profile and needle roller and cage assembly or full complement of needle rollers and full complement of cylindrical rollers. The type of supporting roller includes with inner ring or without inner ring, double side seal or open type and so on.

Series And Varients Of THB Support Roller Bearings

Types of THB Yoke Type Track Rollers

THB can provide you with the following types of supported roller bearings: RSTO/STO/RNA/NA/NATR/NATV/NUTR/PWTR/NNTR. 

If you need customized products, you can also contact THB.

Size Range of THB Yoke Type Track Rollers

The size range of NATR/NATV: inner diameter 5-50mm, outer diameter 16-90mm, width 12-32mm

The size range of NUTR/PWTR: inner diameter 15-50mm, outer diameter 35-110mm, width 19-32mm

The size range of NNTR: inner diameter 50-130mm, 130-310mm, 65-146mm

Needle roller Yoke type track rollers bearing,  Without axial guidance, With cage.

support roller sto
support roller sto
support roller rsto
support roller rsto

Cylindrical roller Yoke type track rollers bearing,  With axial guidance, With Labyrinth seals, Double row-Full complement cylindrical rollers.

support roller nutr
Dimensions Basic load rating

Technical Information of THB Support Roller Bearings

Working temperature

support roller can operate at temperatures of -30 °C to +140 °C. For the bearings with seals (suffix 2RS and 2RSR) and nylon retainers (suffix TV), the working temperature is within -30°C to +120 °C. Due to restrictions on the selected grease and seal materials, NATR... -PP and NATV... -PP is suitable for use under the working temperature of -30 °C to +100 °C. 

If you need special products beyond the standard working temperature, please contact THB technical department.


Among the Yoke Type Track Rollers, except for the STO series in open structure without sealing, the other series have different sealing structures depending on the product series. See the parameter sheet for the sealing types.

2RSLip seal on both sides of the yoke type track roller.
2ZMetal shield on both sides of the track roller bearing.
2RSRRadical contact lip seal on both sides of the yoke type track roller bearing.
2ZLSealing shield with lamellar rings on both sides of the track roller bearing.


Prior to delivery, the yoke type track rollers have been filled with lithium-based grease so that they can be re-lubricated through the inner ring or using equivalent grease. 

For special lubrication materials, please contact THB technical department.

Roller Type Supporting Roller Features

high radial load, can withstand combined load, long life

  • High radial load: The thicker wall thickness outer ring can not only bear high radial load, but also reduce deformation and bending stress when working as a roller.

  • Can withstand axial load: Cylindrical roller bolt shaft rollers with baffle type can withstand axial load that may result from off-loading or inclined operation.

  • Long service life: The convex design of the outer ring surface can be greatly improved to cope with the possible inclination of the outer ring with respect to the working track surface, or where the edge stress needs to be minimized.

Applications for Support Roller

Cam drivemachine tool guidematerial transportation
metallurgymining equipmentrailroads

Support Roller

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