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Axial Spherical Plain Bearings

axial spherical plain bearings


There is a convex spherical surface on the shaft ring and a corresponding concave spherical surface in the seat ring. Axial Spherical Plain Bearing could be split, which means that the shaft ring and the seat ring could be installed separately.

Features of Axial Spherical Plain Bearings

  • Axial spherical plain bearings are mainly suitable for carrying axial loads, but they can also withstand combined (axial and radial) loads.

  • The radial load component of the combined load should not exceed 50% of the simultaneous axial load component. 

  • For high radial loads, it is recommended to use the thrust joint bearings and radial joint bearings of the GE series together.

Applications of Axial Spherical Plain Bearings

Machine toolsconstruction machineryautomation equipment
automobileswater conservancy machinery/

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