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Cam Follower


Cam followers, also called stud type track rollers, are special roller bearings that are mainly used to follow tracks or cams and are used in a wide range of applications in linear motion systems. We often see cam followers in conveyors and industrial transmission lines, such as in the food and beverage industry, the plastics manufacturing industry, the glass manufacturing industry, and others. As one of cam followers manufacturers, we will try our best to meet customers' needs. 

How to Choose the Ideal Cam Follower?

The following factors can be considered.

  • the operating environment, such as the operational requirements of your equipment

  • speed of operation and maintenance, the stability of the equipment is one of the main objectives to be pursued.

  • ease of installation.

  • Choosing the right cam followers will help to ensure that your equipment runs consistently, accurately and efficiently, thus avoiding downtime, saving labour requirements and reducing costs.

Cam Followers Types

Various Structures of CAM FOLLOWERS (various designs and variants)

1. Roller element: needle roller or cylindrical roller

2. Cage: with or without cage

3. Eccentric sleeve: with or without eccentric sleeve

With the combination of the above different structures, THB can provide you with the following models:


Size Range of THB Cam Followers

The size range of KRV is: inner diameter 6-30mm, outer diameter 16-90mm, width 12.2-37mm

The size range of NUKR/PWKR is: inner diameter 16-30mm, outer diameter 35-90mm, width 19.6-37mm

Needle roller Stud type track rollers bearing, with cage, With eccentric ring.


Cylindrical roller Stud type track rollers bearing, With axial guidance and central rib, With lips seals, Double row-Full complement cylindrical rollers.

cam follower pwkr 2rs
cam follower pwkr 2rs

Needle roller Stud type track rollers bearing, Full complement needle rollers. 

Needle roller Stud type track rollers bearing, With cage.

cam follower kr pp
cam follower kr pp

Cylindrical roller Stud type track rollers bearing,  With axial guidance, With Labyrinth seasl, Double row-Full complement cylindrical rollers.

cam follower nukr 2rs
cam follower nukr 2rs
Dimensions Basic load rating

Technical Information of THB Cam Followers


THB cam follower has been filled with lithium-based grease and can be re-lubricated through the special oil hole for the bolt shaft. Equivalent grease can be used for re-lubrication.

THB can also provide targeted lubrication programs, if necessary, please contact the THB technical department

Working temperature

Limited by the grease and sealing material, the KR, KRV, and KRE series are suitable for an operating temperature range of -30 °C to +100 °C


Cam followers have seals on both sides. For the sealing form, please refer to the corresponding parameter table.

Seal model description:

2RSLip seal on both sides of the yoke type track roller.
2ZMetal shield on both sides of the track roller bearing.
2RSRRadical contact lip seal on both sides of the yoke type track roller bearing.
2ZLSealing shield with lamellar rings on both sides of the track roller bearing.

Features of Cam Follower

High radial load, can withstand combined loads, long life, easy to install

  • High radial load: the thicker wall outer ring not only withstands high radial loads, but also reduces deformation and bending stresses when working as a roller.

  • Axial loads can be sustained: cylindrical roller bolt shaft rollers with baffled edges can withstand axial loads that may result from off-loading or inclined operation.

  • Long service life: The convex design of the outer ring surface can be greatly improved where the outer ring may be inclined in relation to the working track surface or where edge stresses need to be minimised.

  • Easy to install: The design of the bolt shaft construction allows for quick and easy installation of the bolt type roller onto the corresponding machine component with hexagonal nuts.

Applications for Cam Followers

Cam drivesmachine slidesmaterial transport
metallurgymining equipmentrailways

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Cam Follower

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