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Self-lubricating Bushing Bearings

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Various bushings could be made with different materials. By different materials and structures, bushings could be divided into: solid bronze cylindrical and flange bushings, sintered bronze bushings, rolled bronze bushings, PTFE composite bushings, POM composite bushings, PTFE nylon bushings, etc., which are suitable for a variety of working conditions. Self lubricating bushing bearings, created by THB, one of the most professional self lubricating bearings manufacturers in China, are of high quality.

Features of Self-lubricating Bearings

  • They can be used for rotation, reciprocation and linear motions, but cylinder-shaped bushings could only carry radial loads.

  • Flanged bushings are could carry radial loads and the axial loads in one direction.

  • Lubricating materials can be added inside the bushings through processes such as material porosity and material sintering, realizing achieving self-lubricating.

Applications of Self-lubricating Bearings

Mechanical transmissionprinting and dyeingpaper makingpetroleummetallurgy
food and beverage machineryengineering machinerychemicalsautomotive/

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